DiscoverDawn came to me when I first came here to France. I'm actually an Irish (born and raised in the Philippines) college student who is currently residing in Toulouse as part of Erasmus. Thanks to Erasmus I have been given this opportunity to travel outside of Ireland and experience new things. The journey is quite overwhelming and since my arrival here last September 2016 I have met people who have shared and made memories with.

During this part of my life where everything is happening so fast, I was inspired to account my new found independence, interests, adventures and thoughts and share it with people going through the same exploration. I enjoy doing DIY projects and shopping because who doesn't? (Most of the time I just do DIY's because I'm broke from spending it on travelling)This blog is also about me discovering new things about myself and the world around me, hence why the name. My aim is to share these new encounters and creative thoughts and hopefully be of inspiration and influence to you guys.

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